Mini Split Heat Pump Repair

In Montgomery County, Texas

OTT Mechanical is your local Montgomery County mini split heat pump service professional. Mini split heat pumps are fantastic, highly efficient pieces of heating and cooling equipment that you can use residentially or for light commercial applications. We’ve got the experience and team to help with both. We’ve been serving the residents here in the Conroe area for years with all of their HVAC needs, and that includes mini split heat pump repair and maintenance. We’re proud to be a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, which means we’re among the best contractors at all Mitsubishi mini split services. Do you need mini split repair or maintenance here in the Montgomery County area? Call OTT Mechanical today for a free service quote and get your system back to running again!

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Do You Need Expert Mini Split Service?

Usually when the seasons change our repair and maintenance calls go up from homeowners needing help with their ductless mini split systems. Sometimes when our expert service technicians get out to the call they find the solution was very simple, and could have been resolved by the homeowner. There are some basic diagnostic checks you can do at home before we come out for repair or maintenance service, it could save you time and money!

If you go through this checklist and you are still experiencing issues with your ductless mini split give us a call or schedule service right away. It’s likely you have need of a larger repair or maintenance service that the professionals should do. OTT Mechanical has the expert technicians and tools for any mini split repair job.


    • Power Supply:
      • First, check your circuit breaker for your outdoor unit to see that you have not had a power trip and your heat pump system does indeed have power.
      • Next, check the outdoor disconnect which is usually mounted next to your outdoor unit to ensure that it is on.
    • Efficient Air Moving: Old school air conditioning utilized inefficient single speed PSC motors for the indoor fan motor and the outdoor condenser fan motor. Armstrong offers two new more efficient motor systems:
      • ECM Variable Speed Motors can provide a broad range of airflows based on system requirements for better comfort and air quality while using less energy than other motor types.
      • Constant Torque Motors are higher efficiency, brushless DC motors that are designed to provide a given rate of airflow (CFM) even when operating conditions like static pressure change.
    • Check your zone controls:
      • Next, check that your devices remote has good and full batteries, if they are dead replace them.
      • Then, set one of your spaces zones to on, and if you’re trying to cool set the temperature well below the ambient temperature, or well above for heating.
      • If you are trying to heat, make sure that your system is not in “Defrost” mode. If it is wait a few minutes for your system to complete its defrost cycle.
      • If your circuit breaker was off, after turning the power on, give it a few minutes, because many systems have a built-in time delay which will affect operation.
      • If your system operating, but not performing properly:
        • This could be a filter problem, check your heat pump filters and clean them if they are dirty.
        • If it’s winter and you are heating, make sure the outdoor unit doesn’t have snow or ice on it.

Common Mini Split Repair Issues

The most common cause of mini split heat pump failures, or customers that are dissatisfied with their operation, is improper installation. We know how great a mini split heat pump unit can be, but if its improperly sized, or improperly installed, it can fail to live up to its potential. Here are things to look for:

  • Refrigerant Loss: Due to improper installation or mechanical damage. This will result most commonly in reduced system capacity.
  • Outdoor Unit Fails to Start: Caused by improper wire or breaker sizing, or failed outdoor component.
  • Indoor Zone Fails to Start: Loose or defective control wiring. Obstructed of failed IR receiver.
  • Changes in Heating or Cooling Capacity: Caused by loss of refrigerant, or improper maintenance. Dirty indoor or outdoor coils
  • Condensation Leaks: Caused by indoor units been out of leave, or crimped or obstructed condensate lines.
  • Noisy operation Indoors or Out: May indicate a motor, compressor, or reversing system failure.

Mitsubishi Mini Split Installation

Were proud to be certified as a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, one of a few here in the Montgomery County service area. That means we’re the best at what we do. If you’re looking to install or replace your businesses or home’s current mini split system we’re the pro’s for the job. We’ve got a full line of Mitsubishi ductless systems for your installation or replacement. If you don’t currently have a mini split system you will be amazed at how efficient, effective and quite these incredible units are. We can come to your home or business and give you a free quote for your new system. Schedule your service with us today!