Armstrong Air AC Installation

In Montgomery County, Texas

OTT Mechanical is located in Conroe, here in the heart of Montgomery County just north of Houston, Texas. We’ve been serving the business owners and residents here in the Montgomery County area for years for all of their AC and cooling service needs. At OTT Mechanical we only hire the best technicians around, so we know every service call will be great experience for the customer.

We’re proud to be an Armstrong Air Pro Dealer here in Conroe, Texas. This demonstrates the high level of service and skill our team has when it comes to Armstrong Air system repair, maintenance and installation. Armstrong Air has been an industry leader in the heating and cooling system space for decades, and their air conditioners are the most efficient and effective on the market today. Here in Montgomery County we’re no strangers to hot and humid summers, we rely on our AC’s for the majority of the year to stay comfortable. Do you need expert AC installation or replacement for your home or business in Montgomery County? Give OTT Mechanical a call today to schedule your AC installation or replacement service!

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Get To Know Your AC:

Many homeowner’s still have central air conditioning systems that are a decade old or older. Old school AC systems are ineffective and inefficient. We stock top of the line AC models from Armstrong Air, these models available today blow the old ones away in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
Options to consider when thinking about your next AC system include:

  • Better Than Single Stage: Old-school AC systems have always been single stage all-on or all-off. While that’s better than no air conditioning at all, it can be a lot better:
    • True variable capacity condensers are now available with fully modulating operation and variable speed fan motors for the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and humidity control.
    • Two stage AC systems operate much of summer at about 60% of rated capacity for quieter operation and much better humidity control.
  • Efficient Air Moving: Old school air conditioning utilized inefficient single speed PSC motors for the indoor fan motor and the outdoor condenser fan motor. Armstrong offers two new more efficient motor systems:
    • ECM Variable Speed Motors can provide a broad range of airflows based on system requirements for better comfort and air quality while using less energy than other motor types.
    • Constant Torque Motors are higher efficiency, brushless DC motors that are designed to provide a given rate of airflow (CFM) even when operating conditions like static pressure change.
  • Simply Smarter Systems: The old school AC system we grew up with invariable had a mercury based single stage thermostat with a 2 – 4°F operating differential. Modern controls are environmentally sound, and provide simply better comfort:
    • Smart Comfort Sync® thermostats with Apple or Android App systems offer accuracy, sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings from anywhere on the planet (with an internet signal.)
    • 24 VAC two or single stage electronic (mercury free) thermostats.

Routine AC Maintenance

Don’t forget to schedule your seasonal air conditioner maintenance when you install a new Armstrong Air AC or replace your old clunky central AC system. Just like with your car, regular and routine service and maintenance checks are vital for AC system performance. Setting up routine maintenance calls with our expert AC technicians will keep your home’s or businesses air conditioner running for years to come, at its greatest efficiency and effectiveness.